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[Easter Couture Photo Shoot]

Sorry, I know I haven't kept my blog updated. I have been very busy with my search for an internship [which I am now interning with Champagne Creative Group] and my graduating in this June. Anyway for season since Halloween, the Couture Community Challenge Team  have held a charity fashion show at the Emergency Arts and The Beat Coffee @ Fremont St. for different charities. So this season, I'm able to find the time [and didn't procrastinate] to make a couture outfit for this show. It came out great, so much better than I imagine.

And today, the Couture Community Challenge Team held a photo shoot.

Behind the scenes:
[More Wonderful Easter Pictures]Collapse )

[More H&M Pics]

These pictures have just came out once the clock struck 12:00:00 am, from the courtesy of H&M. *shaking with excitement


[More From H&M]

A longer video have been releases, revealing the entire collection Lavin for H&M. Keep your eyes open on November 19 because that is the day Lanvin for H&M will happened at the Pierre Hotel in NY. Also remember that the collection will go on sale on November 23, ready to be bought and wear, and if you're like me who happened to be living in Las Vegas, Lanvin for H&M will go on sale THREE DAYS before the rest of the world to celebrate the opening of the H&M store in the Caesar's Forum Shoppes.

I can't wait. *shaking from excitement (or candies)


[Trick or Treat!]

Happy Halloween, my bloggers! Let the friendly ghosts, sparklily vampires, and strawberry-scented bears trick AND treat!

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I really need to hide my credit cards soon. Because lately, every time I walk into a Michael's, I spend like I have money trees in the backyard on stuff I need and don't need. I can't help it: shoes and craft supplies are drugs to me.



[I'm sad]

It have been 10 days since I last seen my lovely sewing machine. You see I've sent it in to Vikings in Joann's to get service because I really don't know how to oil it or clean or what not (I also didn't realize that it would cost $79/$99 to do it but I got a gift card). They told me that it would be FOREVER that I'll get my lovely sewing machine back as well as it would be one man doing all the repairs. So I, in my blind innocence, pushed them and kindly asked them to put 'rush order' on it because I got HW soon and I really don't want to use and fight over the ones at school. Anyway then they said that I would get it back a little after a week.

A little after a week have past and I have yet heard anyone from Viking call me back. I'm getting anxious and I really don't like confrontation.

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[Candy Couture]

Yesterday couple of my friends showcased their candy-inspired and -incorporated couture garments at The Beat Coffeehouse at the Emergency Arts building in Downtown Las Vegas. Honestly some looked like candy were threw up on it but there were some that are pretty amazing.

[More H&M News]

Another LANVIN for H&M photo had been released and... OMG. AMA-ZING!!!!!

I googled 'Lanvin for H&M', and there are a lot of posts by Vogue, New York Magazine, and other fashion and news sites are posting about. This collaboration is major and the biggest story of the year.

And according to nymag.com, the Forum Shops in Vegas will be selling LANVIN for H&M THREE DAYS before any H&M stores. The reason is to celebrate the opening of the newest H&M store in the Forum Shops. I am so excited [because I happen to live in Vegas]. Here I thought Vegas was blah. And you know what? I am SOOO there!


[More Randomness - H&M]

I have to scream it: LANVIN COMING TO H&M. I can not wait. But somehow whenever H&M does collaboration with fashion houses, it tends to sold out before I get to the store or actually remember it.

I can't wait. Lanvin will arrive at selected H&M stores on November 22. This time I going with a plan. I'm going to the H&M store on the day to the least tourist-y H&M store [unfortunately all three store are at tourist hotspot but I have yet to visit the newest one]. That is the plan but knowing me, I'm going to forget about it until Christmas rolls around. Before I would tear my hair out, H&M will review the women's and men's collection on November 2.

And I love Lanvin!

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[Rose Regatta]

So yesterday, I didn't plan anything but go to the community day's picnic and then go to Michael's to buy a mask. Somehow I was dragged around town after the picnic by my aunt which became a nice day. After the picnic, my aunt took her two kids and me to Lake Las Vegas to see the dragon boat racing event called 'Rose Regatta'. Its an event that promote breast cancer awareness, arranged by St. Rose Hospital. I didn't mind going [not because I'm Chinese] because it was the first time watching this kind of event. Frankly you [or I] don't see this kind of thing in Vegas. And next year like by spring, I'm going to sign up for the dragon boat racing. Anyway after watching the dragon boat racing, we went to Discovery Park in Henderson to watch Shakespeare in the Park's Macbeth. Nice, right?